The party band Cosmopauli sounds powerful, different, rousing and up-to-date! For over 10 years, the band has been delighting audiences with an energetic and rousing show. The five musicians, each of them successful in the German music scene, have realized their "heart project" here. And the audience notices this - they are immediately swept away. Because Cosmopauli is not a normal party band, Cosmopauli is a show act. Whether Rihanna or David Guetta - Cosmopauli play as if they had written the hits themselves. With song transitions like in a club and dance hits that everyone can sing along to, they offer an extraordinary performance. The five musicians are booked throughout Germany and internationally: The party band has already played on the North and Baltic Sea beaches, in Iceland, in Vienna, in Barcelona and on the Zugspitze - for well-known customers such as Amazon, Ikea, Allianz, DHL and many more. No matter where, no matter how - with Cosmopauli, events become an experience.
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