Sandra Buettner

I founded POSITIVO MUSIC out of a deep passion for music and a feel for talent and its marketing. Music has always been the focus of my life. My own experience from studio recordings, years of vocal lessons, dance auditions and the Stage School of Music, Dance and Drama help me to successfully coach and manage musicians today.

In addition to my musical experience, I spent many years in the Hamburg media world. I discovered and developed my talents for marketing and networking at the advertising agency Jung von Matt, Radio Hamburg, a regional Hamburg television station and the sports rights marketer SPORTFIVE. My passion is communicating with people and achieving the best possible success and results.

I work closely with my clients to understand their artistic vision and then develop targeted strategies. I offer a large network of industry contacts and use my many years of experience to help artists access important resources.

Overall, with POSITIVO MUSIC I represent a bridge between talent and success, combining the love of music with my business acumen to help artists achieve their creative goals.

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Denmark +45 60576720

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